Legionella Testing & Control

Protect your patients, clients & staff. Reduce your Legionella liability. Nancrede Engineering can help with our Legionella control services. Our Legionella-related services include Legionella control consulting, U.S. water management program development, water quality monitoring, and much more.

Legionella Testing and Control Services

Legionella Control Systems

Reduce your liability while protecting your staff, visitors, or patients globally. Our Legionella consultant experts can determine the most cost-effective Legionella solution including specialized softeners, filters, nanofilters, UV, ultrafiltration, MIOX, chlorine injection, copper-silver ionization, chloramines, and more.

Legionella Control Systems

Legionella Water Management Program

Every United States commercial building with a complex water system should implement a Water Management Program (WMP). This program should be comprehensive in nature and include a 7 Step Legionella Water Management Plan in accordance with ASHRAE 188 standards.

Legionella Water Management Program

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About Legionella & Legionnaires Disease

Each year, between 8,000 and 18,000 people are hospitalized with Legionnaires’ disease in the U.S., making it a serious health threat. Legionnaires’ disease can have symptoms like many other forms of pneumonia. Proactive Legionella testing and control are critical.

About Legionella


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