ST108 Risk Assessment

To ensure compliance with the ST108 standard, healthcare facilities must have expert outside consultation and assessment of their facilities and equipment that utilize water. Legionella Control Systems is an expert at waterborne pathogen control and provides an ST108 risk assessment that includes the areas below. These can be modified for your specific facility needs but provide a helpful starting point for ST108 reviews.

You can trust Legionella Control Systems because we have nearly a century of experience in water purification equipment. We also have staff with the ASSE 12080 certification.

Below is a summary of the risk analysis content from sections 5 and 10 of the ST108 standard:

  • The ST108 risk assessment must be done by a multi-disciplinary team, including infection prevention and control personnel, related to water quality impacting the Medical Device Processing Department and the processing of instruments and devices by high-level disinfection.
  • A risk analysis for water quality should be completed prior to the water system installation. The resulting evaluation plan should be reviewed periodically as determined by the healthcare facility to assess the continued performance of the water system.
  • A performance qualification test should be performed to identify the specific water impurities that contribute to the negative impacts of medical devices. Risk management includes the treatment necessary to mitigate the identified impurities.
  • The risk assessment performed by the multidisciplinary team may identify sampling points that will require an increase in testing frequency (e.g., less frequently used point-of-use, a portion of the circulation loop containing a dead leg).

Example ST018 Risk Assessment Site Visit

  • Review of water systems in Central Sterile
  • Systems
    • Filters, Softeners, RO, DI
    • Storage Tanks
    • Piping
    • Any other critical parts of the water system
  • Review of risk factors unique to facility
  • Identify locations for bacterial testing
  • Comprehensive Testing (see the ST108 testing details)
  • Provide Risk Assessment Report
    • Detail of the current state of risk factors
    • Findings
    • Test Results
    • Recommendations to mitigate risks

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