Legionella Annihilator™ Nanofiltration for Legionella and Pathogen Control

What is a nanofiltration Legionella control system?

A Legionella Annihilator™ Legionella control nanofiltration (NF) system is quite similar to reverse osmosis system. Water is sent through a high-pressure pump then through nanofiltration membranes. Nanofiltration membranes have a pore size between 1-10 nanometers (0.01-0.001 microns). The permeate water that passes through the membrane will remove Legionella, other bacteria, viruses, cysts and endotoxins pyrogens. All these pathogens will be sent to the drain in a waste stream that represents about 10% of the water going into the system. Along with those pathogens are any remaining suspended solids (TSS) and colloidal matter that later might be used as a food source for Legionella and other pathogens. Nanofiltration systems will also remove hardness and roughly 90% of the dissolved solids (TDS)

Legionella Annihilator™ Legionella Control High Efficiency Nanofiltration Systems

Sizing your Legionella Annihilator™ Legionella Control Nanofiltration system:

Legionella Annihilator™ Legionella Control nanofiltration systems are sized using water chemistry, pressure, oxidant/chlorine level, suspended solids (TSS), pH, turbidity and temperature. After this information is obtained, the size and amount Nanofiltration membranes, pretreatment, piping, pump and CIP system can be designed.

How does a Legionella Annihilator™ Legionella control nanofiltration compare to microfiltration, ultrafiltration, and reverse osmosis?

Nanofiltration has membranes with a pore sizes between 1-10 nanometers. For membrane technology, the water quality through nanofiltration is second only to reverse-osmosis, which has a pore size is about 0.1 nanometer and will remove roughly 99% of TDS vs 90-95% of a nanofiller. Nanofiltration will create purer water than ultra and microfiltration but it will do so at a higher energy consumption and higher membrane pressure.

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Legionella Annihilator™ Legionella control nanofiltration systems and service

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