Point of Entry (POE) Control of Legionella and Waterborne Pathogens

Point of entry (POE) filtration and/or treatment can be excellent options to remediate and mitigate Legionella as well as other bacteria, viruses, cysts and other opportunistic waterborne pathogens.

POE is suitable for use in a wide variety of environments in which at-risk individuals may come in contact with water including:

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Surgery centers
  • Transplant centers
  • Dialysis centers
  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Office buildings
  • Condominium

At-risk persons include those with weaker immune systems due to age, medical condition, or other underlying factors.

Below are examples of POE control and treatment for Legionella and opportunistic waterborne pathogens. While many companies focus on just one control option, Legionella Control Systems’s independence allows us to offers several solutions including:

Point of Entry (POE) Legionella Control Canisters

POE In-Line Filtration Canisters for Legionella and Waterborne Pathogen Control

Point of Entry (POE) Legionella Control Multi-Barrier

POE Multi-Stage / Multi-Barrier Disinfection Systems for Legionella and Waterborne Pathogen Control

Point of Entry (POE) Legionella Control Chemical - Ionization Equipment

POE Chemical or Ionization Treatment for Legionella and Waterborne Pathogen Control

  • Robust treatment but safe for visitors
  • Suitable for ongoing treatment
  • Customized depending on pathogen types and loads

Point of entry (POE) removal of Legionella and other opportunistic waterborne pathogens can be an excellent mitigation and remediation strategy. However, determining the most cost-efficient and robust system design requires expert knowledge. While there are many options, not all are suitable for your water environment and Legionella / pathogen loads.

Legionella Control Systems can analyze your situation and recommend the most effective and cost-efficient POE system that will protect both your visitors and your bottom line. Contact us now for more information.