What is Point of Use (POU) Legionella Control? Is It Effective for Legionella Mitigation and Remediation?

Point of Use (POU) Legionella ControlPoint of use (POU) Legionella control is used just before the water is delivered to a user. It typically takes the form of a filter that removes the Legionella and other waterborne pathogens. For example, a POU Legionella filter may be added to a sink faucet or a shower faucet.

Point of Use (POU) filtration can be used for Legionella remediation and ongoing Legionella mitigation. When presented with a POU Legionella control recommendation for your company, you should consider the following:

  • Can POU filters provide effective control of Legionella in our facility?
  • Is POU filtration the best approach for Legionella remediation or mitigation in our case? In other words, is POU the best short-term and/or long-term Legionella control solution for us?

Depending on who you are asking, the answer might be a quick “Yes” or “No” to these questions. And they might be correct. However, the answer may also be dependent on the tools they have available. It has been said that “if you give someone a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” The same can be true with POU filters. If a company doesn’t carry POU filters, will they ever recommend them?

That is why you must consult an independent Legionella control provider such as Legionella Control Systems. We have the unique ability to consider all Legionella remediation and Legionella mitigation strategies to determine your most cost-effective solution. Not all companies have this independence because they are heavily invested in one particular approach to Legionella control.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of point of use (POU) filters for Legionella control.

Advantages of POU filters for Legionella Control

  • Quick shipping and installation: Remediation can begin within hours of receipt of the POU filter
  • Easy installation: POU filters can often be installed by your or your staff in many cases
  • Effectiveness: If sized correctly, POU filters can immediately remove Legionella at the point of use

Disadvantages of POU filters for Legionella Control

  • Cost: POU filters can be expensive (of course, the presence of Legionella can be even more expensive if anyone gets sick from Legionnaires’ disease)
  • Ongoing Replacement: POU filters tend to be effective for 1-3 months (see the specific filter for specifics), requiring ongoing replacement cost and labor throughout the year
  • Clogging: If your water has a high level of particles that are larger than the Legionella bacteria, they could clog the filter relatively quickly after each replacement

Is POU filtration the best Legionella solution for your facility? Legionella Control Systems’s independent Legionella control experts would be the best judge of that. Your Legionella Control Systems expert will consider options such as Point of Entry (POE) control, multi-barrier treatment, or other relevant Legionella control solutions. Our goal is to gives you the best Legionella control with highest efficacy for your unique facility.

Legionella Control Systems can help you sort through the best Legionella remediation and mitigation strategies for your company. Contact us so we can help you review your Legionella control options.