Protect Yourself By Choosing a Truly Independent Legionella Consultant

When choosing a company to provide Legionella testing and control, it’s important that you determine if a company is truly independent. Ask a company questions such as:

  • Do you conduct your Legionella tests in-house?
  • Do you create your Legionella water management program in-house?
  • Do you primarily offer Legionella remediation, control, or mitigation solutions that utilize your own products, chemicals, or systems?

If the answer to more than one question is “Yes,” then the company might have a conflict of interest.

Legionella Control Systems’s independence as a Legionella consultant helps protect you by:

  • Having all Legionella testing conducted by an outside independent laboratory
  • Considering every Legionella remediation, control, or mitigation solution, virtually all of which are provided by third parties

Put simply, you can trust our Legionella test results, and you can trust our recommendations. Our independence is good for your budget and your peace of mind.

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