How Does Side Stream Filtration Help With Legionella and Cooling Towers?

Side stream filtration is an industrial water treatment process that removes impurities and particles from a portion of the circulating water in a cooling tower or heating system. This decreases risk factors for Legionella growth.

In the side stream process, a side stream of water is taken from the main system and passed through a filtration unit. This filtration unit removes contaminants such as dirt, sediment, rust, and other suspended solids. The filtered water is then returned to the system, while the captured particles are discarded.

Side stream filtration helps to maintain the quality of the water in a cooling tower or industrial heating system by reducing the accumulation of impurities that can cause scaling, corrosion, Legionella growth, and other problems. It also helps to improve the efficiency of the system by reducing the load on the heat exchangers, chemicals needed, and other equipment, which can improve energy efficiency and extend the life of the system.

There are four primary benefits of side stream filtration for your industrial water system:

  1. It reduces your maintenance costs
  2. It reduces your rate of corrosion
  3. It maintains better system efficiency
  4. It increases the lifespan of your equipment
  5. It reduces the amount of chemicals needed

The U.S. Department of Energy notes that side stream filtration systems can reduce suspended solids and debris, leading to less system fouling. The decrease in suspended solids will also aid in reducing biological growth because this will reduce a food source for microbiological organisms, making side stream filtration a possible tool for Legionella control.

What is the best side stream filtration system for your process and Legionella prevention needs? Legionella Control Systems can engineer a side stream filtration system that works for your industrial process and fits in your existing space. Contact us with your side stream filtration requirements or call us to discuss your side stream filtration options at 317-699-4664.