Non-Chemical Legionella Mitigation through Water Flushing and Automatic Hot Water Loop Control

Many facilities have systemic issues that make them prone to growing Legionella. They may have poor water circulation design, uneven hydraulic balancing, and cold and hot water lines that are utilized infrequently or inconsistently.

The result can be stagnant water, biofilm, and inconsistent local water temperatures – all factors that promote Legionella growth. Two of the best non-chemical actions for Legionella mitigation and control in situations like these are the periodic flushing of water lines, and the use and ongoing control of a hot water loop to maintain temperature.

The bad news is that manually flushing water lines, monitoring and controlling hot water loops to mitigate Legionella is very manually intensive. In a large facility, personnel may need to be dedicated to these tasks. Even in small facilities, the time involved in these Legionella control processes adds up quickly. While these manual activities can be part of a Legionella control water management program, they may not be economically practical due to the labor costs.

The good news is that Legionella Control Systems can provide an automated solution that provides all of the Legionella control benefits of water flushing and hot water loop control without the large ongoing cost. Our automated solution provides automatic hydraulic alignment and correct temperatures for both hot and cold water lines. It can also flush lines automatically. This creates an environment that reduces the risk of Legionella growth and reduces labor costs.

Legionella Hot Water Loop Temperature Variation Diagram

This automated approach also has two bonuses: 1) it can provide a better user experience because water at the point of use reaches the correct temperature faster, and 2) it can lower costs because it may be possible to reduce the initial hot water temperature.

Conveniently, this automated, non-chemical Legionella control solution also includes automatic logging for record keeping and compliance that are critical to your Water Management Program. You may even choose an option for remote control of the system via your smartphone or tablet.

Learn more about this automated water flushing and hot water loop control and the role it can play in your Legionella water management program. Contact Legionella Control Systems today to discuss your options and schedule a Legionella risk reduction meeting.