Chlorine Demand Calculator & Guide for Legionella

Are Legionella and other harmful bacteria and pathogens a concern in your hospital or facility? How do you size a Legionella control system? How do you know how much oxidizing chemical you need to keep your hospital, nursing home or facility safe? The Legionella Control Chemical Demand Calculator below will calculate daily demand for any solution including Chlorine, MIOX mixed oxidant solution, Monochloramine and chlorine dioxide in pounds per day (lb/day) demand.

Average Flow (Gallons/Day):
Peak Continuous Flow (Gallons/Minute):
Average Dose (mg/l):
Peak Flow (Gallons/Day):
Peak Dose (mg/l):
Average Demand (lbs/day):
Average Demand (kgs/day):
Peak Demand (lbs/day):
Peak Demand (kgs/day):

By far the most critical step to keep Legionella under control is to have a Water Management Plan in place. Most effective water management programs have a goal to maintain a certain level of oxidant in the water to reduce risks in cold and hot water lines from pathogen growth. This is a critical step in preventing Legionella and other harmful pathogens from proliferating. Our Legionella Demand Calculator determines the total pounds of FAC (Free Available Chlorine or equivalent) needed per day as well as the peak FAC needed.

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* Peak Continuous GPM is not instantaneous peak flow rate. It represents a continuous high flow rate at peak times of the day (e.g. for 30 minutes or more).
** Instantaneous peak flow rate is the maximum GPM for a short time (e.g. 1-5 minute period).

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