Do you have a Legionnaires Disease emergency or need rapid Legionella testing?

Nancrede Engineering can help. We offer rapid Legionella testing with same-day results, as well as Legionella risk assessments and engineering consulting site visits with quick response timing.

Our phones are answered 24 hours per day, so please call 888-569-2837 for immediate assistance.

You may also email us for urgent situations that can be addressed during normal business hours.

Legionnaires Disease in your facility is deserving of immediate response because it is a health and safety issue. Even if you don’t currently have Legionnaires or Legionella present in your facility, you should contact us right away if you receive a corporate mandate, learn of a similar facility with Legionnaires, or receive a notice from a regulatory or governmental agency.

When you contact us, here are the typical emergency response steps:

Based on the site visit and testing, we will propose robust, cost-efficient Legionella mitigation and/or prevention strategies as indicated by the engineering analysis and data.

Nancrede Engineering can give you peace of mind. Contact us right now.
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