Legionella & Legionnaires Risk Assessment Site Visit

When you have concerns about Legionella or Legionnaires Disease in your facility, the first step is an immediate conversation so we can learn more about your situation. Keep in mind that Legionella risk factors and solutions are complex – there is no legitimate “one size fits all” solution. Therefore, a Legionella risk assessment site visit is often a critical next step toward your immediate and long term water safety, Legionella risk management, and pathogen control.

A Legionella/Legionnaires site visits will allow professional evaluation of your risk and water safety as it relates to your specific plumbing design, components and water characteristic. This outside perspective will dive deeply into your safety concerns with Legionella as well as other pathogens, troubleshoot problem areas, and provide a baseline review of existing plumbing systems, components and risk factors. Just as importantly, this third-party expert evaluation helps to reduce your risk and liability, while setting the stage for effective solutions. It is rare that a Legionella expert can diagnose and solve your water safety issues over the phone, and you should be wary of companies that immediately propose a solution without understanding your systems.

Nancrede Engineering Company offers you Legionella and Legionnaires site visits on a consulting basis so you have expert diagnostics and documented solutions, both of which are important in reducing your Legionella liability and risk . Our experience in working with diverse water systems across countless facilities and industry segments within healthcare, hospitality and industry will guide you towards a safe water system and help you safeguard people while protecting yourself.  Put simply, a small amount of our time can save lives, protect health and potentially save millions of dollars in unwanted costs. Our insights can help you document your mitigation efforts and effectively reduce dangerous water, including pathogens like Legionella risk. Contact us right now to discuss your situation and then schedule a site visit at your facility.

Your Legionella/Legionnaires risk assessment site visit will address the following:

Legionella & Legionnaires risk assessment site visits may include some of the services below:

  • Review of water systems in building
  • Softeners, Filters
  • Heaters
  • Hot and Cold Holding Tanks
  • Piping
  • Any other parts of water system
  • Review of risk factors unique to facility
  • Local Water Information and Testing
  • Conductivity
  • Hardness
  • ORP
  • Free Chlorine
  • pH
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Provide Engineering Report
  • Detail of the current state of risk factors related to the building
  • Findings
  • Test Results
  • Lab Results (if applicable)
  • Recommendations to mitigate current or potential Legionella outbreak
  • Immediate, midterm and long-term steps
  • Recommendations on Water Management Plan

Professional engineering Legionella risk assessment reports are created for every visit with recommendations to help you keep your clients and staff safe. This documentation is an essential component of your mitigation and risk reduction.

Contact us today to start on the path to solving your issues at info@nancrede.com or +1 800-820-9021.

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