Step 4: Identification of Potential Risks (Hazard Analysis)

Identifying areas of potential risks in the water system, or hazard analysis, is the next step in the Legionella water management plan. Another name for this is the Legionella risk assessment.  During this step, the water management team analyzes the facility water systems for efficiency and safety.  The team needs to recognize such issues as areas where biofilm may occur, possibly leading to the formation of waterborne pathogens such as Legionella.  Dead legs, tanks and offline softeners are areas where stagnant water may give waterborne pathogens the opportunity to form and grow.

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Other areas of elevated potential risk are any areas of the water system where temperatures may be desirable for waterborne pathogens to form and grow and areas of the water system where pathogens could become airborne and be transmitted to humans, impacting health and safety.  Other hazards could be the chemicals utilized in the sanitation of the facility water system, or the amount of time between sanitations.  The physical elements of the water system should also be reviewed.  Piping and valves may be a potential risk due to age, corrosion or composition.  The facility water system should be viewed from all aspects of potential risk or liability and thoroughly documented.  Again, hazard analysis is an ongoing process and will change as the facility changes.

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