Step 7: Validation – Periodic Water System Testing

Validation is a quality control function showing that the Legionella water management program is effective when it is implemented as designed to control hazards and hazardous conditions in the water system. Validation is achieved by periodic water system testing. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) advises that the facility water management team should regularly test water quality to confirm the verification strategy is actually working. The policies and procedures in a testing section need to be reviewed on a regular basis to identify areas for improvement and adjustments should be made as needed.

When testing, it is important to utilize an independent third-party organization.  Use of an independent organization reduces and protects the underlying liability of the facility being tested as well as the facility water management team because the independent organization determines the existence or non-existence of pathogens such as Legionella with no bias or discrimination regarding the facility being tested, the water management team, or the type of water systems involved.

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