Step 3: Description of the Water System

The third step in the creation of a Legionella water management plan is to create a detailed document of all facility water systems.  This document must include a water flow diagram that follows the water as it progresses through the facility and be easy enough to understand by all team members.  The purpose of this description of the water system is to be certain all members of the water management team understand the water usage and the water treatment points in the system.  These diagrams often start where water enters the building, then goes through a back-flow preventer this may branch off into potable or domestic water and utility water. Treatment points such as Legionella Control Water Softeners, Nano filtration or reverse osmosis (RO) and Chemical Feeds should be included.

The water system description should contain text as well as diagrams and illustrations, detailing all areas of potential concern, such as dead legs, cold and hot water tanks and cooling towers.  Water fountains and decorative water features in the facility such as waterfalls or fountains should also be included and detailed.  This description should be amended to reflect any changes that are made to the facility water system.  In other words, the water system description is a high-level blueprint or flowchart of the facility water systems, subject to continual revision.

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