Step 1: Establishment of the Water Management Team

The first step of an effective Water Management Plan is to establish the Water Management Team.  This team may include facility managers, maintenance staff, facility employees, business partners, key decision makers and water industry experts.  Team members should have should possess the necessary skills and experience to develop an effective plan.  For example, if Legionella is a concern, then a professional with specific Legionella expertise should be included on the team.  Also, if meeting the minimum requirements of ANSI/ASHRAE 188 is a goal, then certain facilities should include specific members on the water management team.

According to ASHRAE 188, water management team members for health care facilities should include facility administration/ownership or C-Suite, facility management, facility engineer and a member with expertise in infection prevention.  In addition, water management team members should be familiar with the facility water system; be able to identify control locations and control limits; be able to take corrective action; monitor and document program performance; and be able to communicate to the C-Suite, staff, health department and others.  The inclusion of an independent expert organization as part of the water management team may be beneficial as the expert organization may offer guidance and recommendations while keeping water management team members apprised of current industry best practices.  After all, water management team members are charged with the oversight of the water management plan and responsible for determining necessary changes while accessing the resources necessary to implement such changes.

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