What is Legionella Remediation?

Legionella remediation is a specialized process designed to eliminate or control the growth of Legionella bacteria within water systems. Legionella, if unchecked, can lead to Legionnaires’ disease, a severe form of pneumonia that can be fatal, especially to older individuals or those with compromised immune systems.

The Legionella remediation process may use various methodologies, contingent upon the severity of the infestation, the type of water system, and other facility-specific factors. Below are several Legionella remediation strategy that are commonly recommended. Some Legionella remediation strategies require evacuation of the building and some do not.

CAUTION: These Legionella remediation methodologies are not equally effective. In fact, some can worsen the problem. This is one of the reasons you need a truly independent Legionella expert like Legionella Control Systems.

  1. Heat and Flush Treatment: This involves raising the temperature of the water system to a point where Legionella bacteria cannot survive, effectively killing them off.
  2. Hyperchlorination: This is the introduction of a very high level of chlorine, a chemical used by municipal systems for drinking water, and by homeowners and facilities in the treatment of swimming pools.
  3. Chemical Disinfection: Specialized chemicals, like chlorine dioxide, mixed oxidant, hydrogen peroxide, or monochloramines, are introduced into the water system to eradicate the bacteria. The choice of chemical and its concentration depend on several factors, including the size of the system and the extent of contamination.
  4. Physical Cleaning: Sometimes, it becomes essential to clean the water system physically, particularly if there’s a build-up of scale or sediment, which can offer a haven for bacteria.
  5. Ultra Violet (UV) Treatment: UV light can effectively neutralize Legionella bacteria. In this method, water is exposed to UV light, which alters the bacteria’s DNA, rendering them harmless.
  6. Filtration: Filters can be used to physically remove bacteria from water. This is often used in tandem with other treatments for a more comprehensive approach.

As noted above, not all of these solutions are equally effective, and some make create greater issues with regard to Legionella rebound and equipment damage. So while understanding the basics of Legionella remediation is essential, selecting the right partner to guide and execute these strategies is equally, if not more, crucial.

Why You Need Legionella Control Systems for Legionella Remediation

When a facility is faced with the daunting challenge of Legionella bacteria, having a trusted and experienced ally can make all the difference. This is where Legionella Control Systems comes into the picture.

Swift, Customized Solutions for Every Challenge: Each facility, be it a hospital, hotel, manufacturing facility or office building, has its unique infrastructure and set of challenges when dealing with Legionella. A template approach just won’t cut it. Legionella Control Systems prides itself on its ability to dissect the specifics of each situation and design remediation plans that are both effective and sustainable.

24/7 Readiness: Legionella outbreaks don’t follow a 9-to-5 schedule, and neither does Legionella Control Systems. Regardless of when an emergency strikes, we are ready to jump into action.

Objective, Unbiased Consultations: Operating as an independent Legionella consulting entity, Legionella Control Systems’ allegiance is solely to its clients’ best interests. Without any ties to particular product manufacturers, our recommendations are based solely on the specifics of the situation and the best scientific solutions available.

Prompt yet Thorough Approach: Speed is of the essence when dealing with Legionella, but not at the expense of thoroughness. Legionella Control Systems excels at striking this balance. We are equipped and ready to conduct detailed site visits, ensuring that every aspect of the issue is understood so we can initiate remediation in as little as 24-48 hours.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance: Remediation isn’t just about addressing the immediate concern. It’s about ensuring that such problems don’t recur. Legionella Control Systems provides comprehensive post-remediation support, including routine checks and maintenance, to ensure the water system remains Legionella-free.

Legionella can cause havoc in a short span, so proactive measures and timely responses are crucial. Legionella Control Systems is ready to act quickly, provide in-depth analysis, remediate Legionella, and prevent issues going forward.