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MIOX RIO Zuni Mixed Oxidant Secondary Disinfection System

MIOX RIO Zuni Mixed Oxidant Secondary Disinfection System

Legionella Control Systems offers several options for Legionella prevention and control as well as Defensible Water Management Plans for Legionella, pathogen control and Legionella control water softeners.

Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) for Legionella Control

Generated on site with only salt and water, MIOX produces safe, clean, pure water on site, with a disinfection technology and process that that is safe for both the environment and your budget. MIOX on-demand systems are easy to maintain and offer the flexibility of producing either sodium hypochlorite or a mixed oxidant solution for more advanced customer needs for Legionella and bacteria control.

Free Chlorine Levels and MIOX Effects on Biofilm

Free Chlorine Levels and MIOX Effects on Biofilm Chart

MIOX mixed oxidant solution provides a water quality that is safer to drink. At the same doses and contact times as conventional chlorine, mixed oxidant solution has been shown in numerous laboratory studies to achieve a more thorough and more rapid inactivation of a wider range of microbes, making it an excellent secondary disinfection option.

Mixed oxidant solution has also been proven very effective against the build-up of biofouling that forms inside of water system distribution pipelines and that can harbor harmful microorganisms. By eliminating this biofouling, mixed oxidant solution removes a potential shelter for bacteria in the drinking water supply through its secondary disinfection.

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