MIOX Mixed Oxidant Products for Secondary Disinfection

MIOX Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) is the first choice for secondary disinfection for hospitals, nursing homes and medical buildings due to it’s ability to kill dangerous organisms such as Cryptosporidium and Legionella bacteria that cause Legionnaires disease. It is also a great choice for cooling tower water treatment and often eliminates expensive and toxic biocides. MIOX mixed oxidant solution (MOS) cuts through and kills biological contaminants in biofilm that contain the harmful bacteria that many disinfectants like standard chlorine will not. When your water system requires more advanced disinfection than hypochlorite, turn to MIOX mixed oxidant solution for improved safety, water quality and better taste and odor. In addition to providing a safer secondary disinfection environment, mixed oxidants provide a water quality that is safer to drink and doesn’t require dangerous chemical to generate.  The only chemical used is regular salt. At the same doses and contact times as conventional chlorine, MIOX mixed oxidants have been shown in numerous laboratory studies to achieve a more thorough and more rapid inactivation of a wider range of microbes. Nancrede Engineering is pleased to feature high quality, cost effective MIOX Corporation products for its secondary disinfection.


RIO Zuni

MIOX Mixed Oxident System: RIO Zuni

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FAC Capacity: >1.0 lb/ day (0.45 kg/ day) The RIO Zuni™ is a great choice for secondary disinfection, including killing legionella bacteria that cause legionnaires disease.  It is also a great choice for  cooling tower water treatment due to cost savings. It can reduce 95% of expensive and dangerous biocides and chemical treatment. It delivers 1.0 to 2.0 lb/day 100% Free-available Chlorine equivalent Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS). This compact, easy to install and operate on-site chemical generator is designed for minimal maintenance and ultimate simplicity. This space-saving system features less than 3 maintenance hours in 6 months, can handle 170 mg/L water hardness with minimal water conditioning requirements, and has an optional integrated brine tank and remote monitoring capabilities. The RIO Zuni can also be retrofitted into existing infrastructure allowing MOS to be fed directly into existing equipment.

MIOX AE Series

AE Series

MIOX Mixed Oxident System: AE Series

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FAC Capacity: 4 – 8 lbs/day (1.8 – 3.6 kg/day)  AE is ideal for secondary disinfection and  legionnaires disease prevention in hospitals and medical buildings. Large cooling towers and industrial applications are also are great applications due to reduction of chemical treatment and biocides.  Some systems have had less than a six month payback due to eliminating 95% of chemical treatment.  It is available as a skid-mounted or stand-alone system. The system activates based upon a level sensor measuring the volume of oxidant in a storage tank. After connection to water and a power source, the only routine operator service requirements are to load salt into the brine generator.

MIOX Self-Cleaning VAULT™

Self-Cleaning VAULT

MIOX Mixed Oxident System: Self-Cleaning VAULT

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FAC Capacity: 15-60 lbs/day (6.8 – 27.2 kg/day) The self-cleaning VAULT™ on-site generator is unique. Designed for high efficiency, low lifecycle cost, durability and reliability, the VAULT is almost maintenance free. With improved flow control, an air-cooled power supply, corrosion-resistant cabinet and a new touch screen display, the system offers unprecedented functionality and easy interface. This system features an easy-to-upgrade cell to convert between sodium hypochlorite and advanced mixed oxidant with expandable capacity for the ultimate flexibility. This system is available as either wall- or skid-mounted. Multiple VAULTs can be used simultaneously in parallel for unlimited capacity.

MIOX RIO™ M Series


MIOX Mixed Oxident System: RIO M

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FAC Capacity: 60 – 300 lbs/day (27.2 to 136.1 kg/day) The mid-size mixed oxidant models are fully enclosed in corrosion-resistant HDPE cabinets, protecting both the operator and the equipment. Modularity means that the system can be easily expanded within the same footprint by adding more cells in the same cabinet, with up to 5 cells per cabinet. The unit operates with Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1200 controls. Variable speed brine pumps require no calibration. The relatively small cell volume requires minimal acid to remove calcium carbonate build-up. Multiple RIOs can be used simultaneously in parallel for unlimited capacity.

MIOX RIO Grande™

RIO Grande

MIOX Mixed Oxident System: RIO Grande

Download RIO Grande Datasheet

FAC Capacity: >1,000lbs/day (>454 kg/day) The Grande on-site generator offers large capacity treatment of water, wastewater, and industrial treatment applications for flows of 50 MGD (200,000m3) and higher. Superior cell design offers better salt and power efficiencies, reduced maintenance, and maximum flexibility. The electrolytic cell, power supply, and system controls are fully enclosed in a metal frame and the unit operates with Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1200 controls. Switching from a hypochlorite generator to a mixed oxidant solution generator is easy by simply changing out the cells, offering the user the ability to optimize water chemistry at an excellent cost.

MIOX oxCell™


MIOX Mixed Oxident System: oxCell

FAC Capacity: 15 lbs/day (6.8 kg/day) The oX-Cell mixed oxidant electrolytic cell for existing MIOX mixed oxidant solution and hypochlorite on-site generating systems is designed to reduce operating costs with improved chlorine production, lower salt and energy consumption, an enhanced control scheme, and easy installation. The oX-Cell conversion package includes all parts needed to convert qualified existing units, including software and hardware. Installation should take minutes to complete.

MIOX BPS™ Brine Pump System

BPS Brine Pump

MIOX Mixed Oxident System: BPS Brine Pump

 Download BPS Datasheet

FAC Capacity: 0.5PPD (0.2 kg/day) This self-contained, non-automated disinfection system is lightweight and portable, ideal for for emergency response needs. Fresh disinfectant is available in seconds. Connects to 12V DC battery or solar power, with terminal plug for 110 VAC or 220 VAC.

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