What Is Point of Entry (POE) Legionella Control? Is it the Best Legionella Mitigation and Remediation Solution?

Point of Entry (POE) Legionella Control EquipmentPoint of Entry (POE) Legionella remediation or mitigation is a Legionella control strategy that focuses on water immediately after it enters your facility.

Is it the best Legionella control solution? Without first understanding your facility’s design, water patterns, equipment, and Legionella testing results, it’s impossible to say if POE is the proper solution for your Legionella remediation or mitigation. Fortunately, Legionella Control Systems is an independent Legionella consulting expert so we can provide a trusted evaluation of whether or not a point of entry solution is a good candidate for your Legionella water management program.

What are the considerations for Point of Entry (POE) Legionella control? POE can take several forms, and given our independence as a Legionella consultant, we will consider them all.

Given the complexity of Legionella control, the only way to know if POE is a good solution for your facility is to talk with an expert. As a truly independent provider of Legionella control solutions, we can help you build a Legionella defense plan and water management plan that will be an effective use of your budget while protecting occupant health and reducing your liability. Contact us today to talk about your best options for remediating and mitigating the risk of Legionella.