Legionella Long-Term Control Measures to Prevent Legionnaires Disease

Legionnaires Disease is caused by Legionella, a bacteria that is naturally present in many water sources. This means ongoing control of Legionella is necessary in many cases. The New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) makes this point very clear: “Since complete eradication of Legionella may not be feasible and re-growth will most likely occur, long-term control measures, or other barriers such as point-of-use microfiltration, may be needed.”

This means that a continued plan of collecting water samples and testing for Legionella is necessary to ensure that the recommended treatment and long-term control measures are working effectively. The frequency of testing, locations of testing, and other factors should be part of your Legionella water management plan and program.

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Long-term Control Measures for Legionella to Prevent Legionnaires

NYSDOH goes on to say that long-term control measures are complex and should be individualized to the facility. Moreover, they state that qualified professionals such as Legionella Control Systems must be sought when developing and implementing these long-term control measures in a water management plan or water management program.

Long-term control is more than just Legionella testing. NYSDOH states that qualified professionals such as Legionella Control Systems may need to assess biofilm, pH, temperature, scaling, corrosion, and other factors such as water age that could affect the control of Legionella and the choice of effective treatment given those conditions.

NYSDOH suggests several treatment methods for long-term control of Legionella water systems. Legionella Control Systems will provide expert analysis of your unique facility factors to determine the most effective and economical Legionella control approach that protects those in your facility.

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Ongoing Legionalla risk assessment and treatment of Legionella is a critical factor in protecting the health of your visitors and staff as well as reducing your potential liability associated with Legionnaires Disease. Calculate the cost of a Legionnaires outbreak to see why long-term control measures are important to both your health and bottom line.