Advanced Oxidation Process for Legionella and Other Waterborne Pathogens

How does Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) kill Legionella?

Advanced Oxidation processes are processes which produce Hydroxyl radicals; these radicals are very effective at killing legionella. These radicals break down organic pollutants into carbon dioxide (CO2), water, and salts. The hydroxyl radicals from AOP are usually formed by combining treatment methods like ozone, chlorine or a chemical oxidant and an ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system. The main strength of the advanced oxidation process is that it destroys almost all organics without pollution transfer to another phase.

Advanced Oxidation Process applications for Legionella control:

A combination of hydrogen peroxide and UV can be used as a powerful way to kill Legionella in surface or groundwater. There are many different AOP’s, which can be adjusted to combat different pollutants beyond Legionella as well. Photo-Fenton can be used to destroy toxic compounds in industrial wastewater. AOP’s are effective disinfectants however there are downsides to using them. AOPs are generally complicated processes. AOP systems use complex chemistry designed to remove specific contaminants. These processes involve specific dosing regimens. AOP systems typically have higher capital and day-to-day operations and maintenance costs.

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Sizing your Legionella control AOP system:

Sizing of legionella control AOP system is based on water quality, gallons used daily, peak water usage and desired residual. Click here for our sizing calculator: legionella demand calculator guide

Legionella Controlling Advanced Oxidation Process Service, Design and Sales

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