What is Multi-Barrier Legionella Control? When Should It Be Used?

Multi-Barrier Legionella ControlMulti-Barrier Legionella Control is a process of removing or killing Legionella bacteria through more than one step, process, or piece of equipment.

When should multi-barrier Legionella control be used? Depending on your facility, it may be the most efficacious solution and/or the most cost-effective solution. Legionella control is complex, so if you are using an independent Legionella expert, they should consider multi-barrier Legionella control among the many options.

Multi-barrier Legionella control offers some advantages because of its adaptability to your unique facility. For example, consider the many variables associated with water as it first enters your facility:

  • It is city water that includes disinfectant or well water?
  • What is the hardness level?
  • If it is city water, what is the chlorine (disinfectant) level upon entry?
  • What is the temperature of the incoming water?
  • What is the level of Legionella in the incoming water?
  • What are the levels of food sources in the incoming water that can be used by Legionella?

Combine these variables with the rest of your facility water systems characteristics, such as existing bio-film, the temperature at various locations, heating and cooling throughout the seasons, and the presence of high-risk individuals, and you can begin to understand why the flexibility of multi-barrier Legionella control is so appealing.

What are the components that can be found in multi-barrier Legionella control? There are many options, including point of use strategies, point of entry strategies, chemical-based solutions, non-chemical solutions such as microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, UV Systems, ionization, plus real-time monitoring and ongoing Legionella testing.

Many Legionella consulting companies approach Legionella with a “one size fits all” solution. Doing so eliminates many other solutions that may have higher efficacy and be more cost-effective. That’s why you need to ask the independent Legionella experts at Legionella Control Systems to evaluate your particular situation before you choose any Legionella solution. Contact a Legionella Control Systems expert now.