Step 2: Determination of Water System Goals

Once the water management team is in place, the next step for these stewards of the facility water system is to set the goals of the building water system.  The high-level goals of the water system should be increasing the benefits of the water system while reducing the risks in the water system.  Operational efficiency and safety of the water systems are the main goals of water management teams.  Assessing the risks associated with the water system is important as this will lead to a reduction or minimization of liability and help protect patients and organization.  For example, an outbreak of Legionnaires’ Disease due to Legionella bacteria in the water system could not only impact the health of employees, guests and neighbors, but could also negatively affect the facility name.  An effective water management plan helps protect the facility’s image, revenue and brand while allowing the organization to be a good corporate citizen.

Other goals of the water management team may include extending the life of the facility water system infrastructure and equipment.  This is an important detail from a cost-control perspective as well as from a liability perspective.  Goals may include implementing and monitoring a process for Legionella Control through one systems chosen by the water management team.  A few types of systems are below:

Lastly, the water management team is charged with creating the Water Management Plan, a living document that will survive employee turnover as well as vendor turnover.  The stewards of the water management plan need to create a document that outlines a multi-step process for review of the facility water system as well as procedures to address any abnormalities or issued found in the water system.  This Water Management Plan requires continual review and amendment.

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