Legionella Annihilator™ Legionella Control High Efficiency Nanofiltration Systems

Specially Engineered Legionella Annihilator™ Legionella Control Nanofiltration Systems

Our specially designed Legionella Annihilator™ nanofiltration system vastly reduces the risks of Legionella, other bacteria, viruses, cysts and endotoxin pyrogens by utilizing membrane technology similar to that of reverse osmosis. Nanofiltration membranes are capable of removing nearly all bacteria and viruses, most organic matter, divalent ions and up to 90% of monovalent ions. Since hardness in water is composed of divalent cations, nanofiltration is an excellent, salt free way to soften hard water.

Nanofiltration systems are also able to greatly reduce levels of nitrates, sulfates, tannins, turbidity, color and TDS from feed water streams. This all happens with greatly reduced power and water usage as compared to reverse osmosis systems as they operate at lower pressure and offer selective solute rejection based on both ion charge and particle size.

Because Nanofiltration membranes are “looser” compared to other types of membranes, nanofiltration membranes are less likely to foul or scale. Nanofiltration membranes also require less pretreatment than other types of membrane systems.

Legionella control nanofiltration systems from NECO are ideal for:

  • Surgery Centers & Healthcare Facility Legionella Control
  • Medical Building Legionella Control
  • Hospital Legionella Control
  • Nursing Home Legionella Control
  • Correctional Facility Legionella Control
  • Hotel Legionella Control
  • Apartment Building Legionella Control
  • University Legionella Control
  • Large Government Building Legionella Control

Nanofiltration systems have the following advantages over other Legionella control systems:

  • Removes harmful bacteria, viruses and pathogens
  • Removes endotoxins and nutrition sources for bacteria
  • Dramatic cost savings occur if softeners are removed
  • Lowe energy consumption compared to other membrane technology
  • Better water system recovery can be achieved

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