Nevada - Legionella Prevention and Costs of Legionnaires Outbreaks

Historical Headlines Related to Legionella

June 27, 2023

According to a spokesperson for the U.S. General Services Administration, Legionella bacteria was detected in the water of the downtown Las Vegas federal courthouse. In a statement, the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) said testing revealed the “limited presence of legionella bacteria that is being mitigated” at the Lloyd D. George U.S. Courthouse. There are no reported cases of tenants contracting Legionnaires’ disease as a result of exposure to the building’s water systems. (Source)

October 19, 2023

Three cases of Legionnaires’ disease are being investigated by the Southern Nevada Health District. The cases involved people who stayed at Las Vegas hotel & casinos in the last 12 months, the Health District announced. Environmental samples taken from both properties tested positive for Legionella, the Health District said. A remediation of one of the casinos has since been performed and the most recent environmental testing did not detect Legionella. The other casino is "undergoing remediation and environmental testing to ensure elimination of the bacteria," according to the Health District. (Source)

October 12, 2023

Las Vegas health officials are investigating cases of Legionnaires’ disease of guests who stayed at two hotels. The Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD) said two guests who stayed at Caesars Palace and another who stayed at The Orleans Hotel & Casino tested positive for the disease. The case at The Orleans Hotel & Casino follows two confirmed cases of Legionnaires’ disease reported in guests earlier in the year. “Remediation of the property’s water system was conducted, and post-remediation testing did not detect Legionella bacteria,” SNHD said. “A third guest of the property was recently identified as a case, and environmental samples have tested positive for Legionella.” (Source)

May 10, 2023

The Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas has had two reported cases of Legionnaires’ disease. The reported cases were from guests staying separately at the resort in December 2022 and January 2023, the Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD) announced. After receiving reports of illness, the Health District conducted environmental testing that discovered Legionella bacteria in the water. The resort’s owner says it’s currently notifying all current and past guests dating back to December 16. It has also begun implementing disinfection procedures and a proactive water management plan. Health officials will sample the resort’s water throughout the process to ensure these efforts succeed. (Source)

May 10, 2023

7 cases of Legionnaires’ disease were tied to Las Vegas’ Rio hotel. Five months after an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease was reported, the number of confirmed cases among guests has risen to seven, with 29 more cases suspected according to the Southern Nevada Health District. Meanwhile, ongoing cleaning and testing of the hotel’s water system is occuring to ensure the disease has been eradicated. (Source)

March 15, 2023

The Southern Nevada Health District advised that officials are investigating Legionnaires’ disease cases at an off-Strip Las Vegas resort. According to the news release, officials are investigating two cases of Legionnaires’ disease that were reported in guests who stayed separately at The Orleans Hotel & Casino in December 2022 and January 2023. SNHD says the Orleans is assisting in the investigation and taking steps to notify current and past guests dating back to Dec. 16, 2022. The release advises that in response to the initial reports, SNHD conducted “an environmental study of the facility, including water sampling and the facility arranged for additional environmental testing of its water system.” According to SNHD, “facility testing results did indicate the presence of Legionella bacteria.” (Source)


In 2020, Legionella was detected at the Mildred Mitchell-Bateman Hospital. In 2017, two guests contracted Legionnaires' disease at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino.

Reported Settlements and Jury Awards

Given the incidence of legionella in Nevada, and its associated harm, personal injury claims and litigation are also becoming more frequent. Reported settlements and jury awards are unavailable at this time.

State Cap on Jury Awards

Nevada does not have a cap on the award amounts allowable by law. In addition, public health notices and negative media attention can also lead to business interruption and reputation damage.

Groundwater Temperature Risk Level – High

Overall Liabliity and Risk for Nevada – Very High

No, ASHRAE 188 is not part of the state code

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