Types of Legionella & Pathogen Testing

As an independent expert in Legionella and opportunistic waterborne pathogens, Nancrede Engineering provides a variety of fast and cost-effective tests for Legionella and pathogens including:

  • qPCR multipathogen testing
  • Waterborne pathogen testing with same day results
  • PCR testing for NTM and other pathogens
  • Same day NTM test results
  • Legionella test results SAME DAY
  • (qPCR)-based water-borne pathogen one-hour detection

Depending on your needs, we can provide many tests on-site with same day or even one hour results. Contact Nancrede Engineering to learn more about our Legionella testing, waterborne pathogen testing options, and Legionella risk assessment.

Also take advantage of free water testing from Nancrede Engineering for basic water characteristics including ORP.